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We provide an integrated service that includes concept development, all aspects of design, R.E.A.L project management, cost management and advice,

Responsive and responsible


Analytical yet Agile

Leadership through Listening to Learn

The ultimate measure of our success has been achieving positive outcomes, adhering to a delivery plan while being flexible about change where it is essential to our clients.


We are truly agile when accommodating customer requirements but stay disciplined in our approach to complex sequences of client driven change while maintaining control over the process.


Our people are supported by processes and methodologies developed in the field and then customised to suit the specific requirements of our clients.


The success of every project is important to us as it’s an opportunity to demonstrate the high level of competence, skill and experience that exists within our organisation.


We never forget that we are a service provider and asses the needs of our customer before our own.


We use S.M.A.R.T project procurement, planning and programming including multiphase or multiple projects providing turn-key outcomes a full project life cycle service including post contract attendance and support.

Strategic supply-chain solutions



Researched and Robust

Timely and fully Tested

“It’s our service that sets us apart”.

EPS Construction Management Ltd, Unit 4, Model Farm Barns, Sonning, Berks, RG4 6TD  | | Tel: 0118 969 7317

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