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What We Do

Our successes come from our collaborations and valuing our long-term relationships with all 3 core customer groups, our Clients, our Suppliers, and our Staff.


Nurturing relationships, caring about outcomes, and acting responsibly, embracing differences in opinion and approach, being pragmatic and sharing rewards.


We design, we build, and create working environments that are kind to the planet and inspire our core customers own creativity. We are a single point of contact and a single point of ownership and responsibility.


Commercial, Industrial, Technologies and the Public Sector, through these Client and Sector based relationships our business is connected to a wide range of tried and tested complementary skills and services, reference points and support.


Our experiences have taught us the value of developing and refining working practices that support working collaboratively.

We solve problems by sharing information and being open to suggestions and critique, we involve stakeholders and we value their contribution.


We apply Gap Analysis to every delivery process, we validate, review, and mitigate what is missing or misaligned using alternative remedies and introducing added value from our experience, skills and our product and process knowledge.

We are Inclusive, We listen, We learn.

A snapshot of some of EPScm’s key clients and the works successfully managed and delivered by us for them:

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EPS Construction Management Ltd, Unit 4, Model Farm Barns, Sonning, Berks, RG4 6TD  | | Tel: 0118 969 7317

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