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“The benefits of our lean operational structure and the agile nature of or management approach is endorsed by our customers . . .

. . . “they say we provide a cohesive and very capable project leadership”.

The right people in the right place and at the right time”.

Our People

Ultimately our predictions and claims for success are based on the performance of our people, it’s about our wider team, the people we bring together to deliver on our promises and the people we have brought together at EPScm are experienced in forging relationships and quickly prove their worth and value.

They are Lean and Agile,

Our relatively flat management structure creates streamlined and direct (faster / shorter) lines of communication, a quicker route to authority and decision making.


We empower our people providing a level of autonomy that encourages problem solving and decision making and allows our people to be creative and highly productive delivering linear outcomes unencumbered by unnecessary bureaucracy.


Our people are professional, they work SMART and are proactive, they are experienced and skilled communicators, none- adversarial, collaborative and through 360 stakeholder engagement they create a project Cooperative.


They are committed, enthusiastic and engaging, thoughtful, planned and determined. The range, extent and diversity of their collective capabilities creates a management team whose combined capability is greater than the sum of its parts. And they are just very nice people to do business with.


Key account Management,

providing our customer with a single and consistent point of contact for request or referral, an interface for access to a wide range of services and project related products, able to provide accurate forecasting for time, cost, and certified quality outcomes.

Meet The Team

EPS Construction Management Ltd, Unit 4, Model Farm Barns, Sonning, Berks, RG4 6TD  | | Tel: 0118 969 7317

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