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EPS Construction Management Ltd, Unit 4, Model Farm Barns, Sonning, Berks, RG4 6TD  | | Tel: 0118 969 7317

Who We Are

We are professional service providers offering a complete service that includes product development, design, and installation together with a bespoke service that is developed jointly with our clients to meet their own business and operational requirements.


We provide a complete service without limitations or boundaries, our approach to project delivery enables our clients to meet and optimise their own business objectives


We are financially Secure, allowing us the freedom to invest in our business, our suppliers, and staff on the basis of need without sanction or referral.


We plan and act strategically, we are sustainable and completely independent. We work hard to uphold our standards, our culture, and our ethics.

“Our clients tell us that we provide a unique and valuable service enhancing the customer experience” so we must have the balance about right."

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